Google+ Become an expert in 365 words or less.

Become an expert in 365 words or less

What does “expert” mean, really? Google “become an expert” and an almost unlimited number of articles instantly pop about to show you how to become one.

Ok, all you big talkers, what is your expert claim to fame? Three steps, seven steps, a hillside march followed by 10,000 hours of meditation? Because the definition is perceived in so many ways, let’s look at a few options:
    1. In the book Outliers, the author, Malcolm Gladwell, estimates about 10,000 hours of activity around a subject will result in expertship. He adds that influence, exposure, background, and even birthdate can provide a boost towards mastery.
    2. Adrian de Groot, predecessor to Gladwell, studied chess players to discover the cognitive requirements and process involved in becoming an expert. He surmised it was the ability to move through appropriate stages of problem solving. Specifically, orientation; exploration; investigation; confirmation.
    3. The Urban Dictionary lists
      • “someone who thinks they know, but actually just screws everything up”
      • “someone who goes into a serious explanation of doing something fairly simple”
      • “an idiot”

Other discussions on this theoretical topic speak to the intention and passion of an expert. As with most successful endeavors, blending several layers of thought tend to create the best outcome. Keeping with that idea, it seems, a formula for expertise could be:

1,000 study + 1,000 practice + 8,000 doing + a bit of passion + 20 presentations= EXPERT.

Would you agree? At the end of the day, it matters. Not if you agree with the formula above, but that you have an expectation of the claim.

Consensus includes these ingredients: Time (10,000 hours); Intention; Hard Work; Education; Passion; Studying; Practicing; Doing; Publishing; Presenting; Proving!

In an effort not to fall into any of the urban dictionary categories, Fusion4 encourages you to define your own parameters for “expert” status. Keep people apprised of your perception of the term and demand transparency from those you trust with your assets (business or otherwise).

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Well said . . . .I will now comprise a list of things I qualify for in the “expert” category!


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