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Do you offer services by the hour?

Yes, our entire service offering is available for purchase in both hourly blocks and milestone based deliverables. Please contact us for more options.

Can you design infographics?

Yes. In fact, it is one of our most favorite projects! Check out this link for some examples.

You call yourselves experts; how do you define the term “expert”?

We use research based both on scientific theory and formulas established by some of the greatest thinkers who ever lived! A simple explanation is: an expert is someone who is driven by passion to follow a chosen path to the extent that the person has at least 10,000 hours of experience on that path.

What are your expert skills?

As operators of Fusion4, we each use a specialized set of skills pertaining to the professional world to create the perfect storm of expertise.

Danny Jack: Search Engine Optimization

Jill: Change Management

Justin: Cryptocurrency

I want free stuff…where’s the free stuff?

You are in luck, we want to grow an empowered F4 community by encouraging others to learn more, try out new technologies, and boost your own superpowers. Free stuff can be found here:

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