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Justin D Lukes's Education and Certifications

Justin D Luke, CIO

Justin D Luke values forward thinking initiatives inspired by global community values. He is a systems architect by day and a futurist by night. Justin has over 18 years’ experience with database construction, complex coding, web development and systems engineering. Speaking both Japanese and English boosts his abilities leading to his renown on an international scale. Leaders in the technologies world agree about his expert execution of deliverables and highly inventive nature.

Justin D Luke’s educational endeavors span his entire life, with his foundation provided through the United States Air Force. His military career took him overseas to Japan where his term in the USAF ended with an honorable discharge. He went on to fulfill his dream, staying in Japan and learning more about the Japanese culture. This experience empowered him to understand the true benefits of a world enhanced by global citizenship.

Through the years, Justin has continued on, adding accolades such as the Security + Certification, and MSCE, Lean Sigma Six Certification, CAIRS Administration Certification, Network Security Certifications and Telecommunications Certifications. Several hundred hours of professional development and training sessions accompany this life-long learning track.

Justin D Luke forged his way around the world working and playing and working across several countries. He is sought after on an international level due to both, his passion for the technological world and his ability to implement cross-functional, complex projects. He immerses himself in the intricacies of this field and wears the culture like a second skin. Globetrotting most recently landed him in one of the only towns capable of harnessing his talents, Las Vegas.

Along with two fantastic pups, Shelby and Duke, Justin enjoys poolside cocktails, the bright lights of the city, and the precocious comradery of friends and family. While Justin can usually be found near a computer of some sort, he also enjoys skydiving, surfing and hiking.