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Google Mobile Friendly Analysis

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Google Mobile Friendly Analysis

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You will receive a comprehensive analysis for each page on one website that compares your existing site structure to Google’s new published criteria. Maximum 10 pages. This analysis will compare each element on each individual page to determine which items comply or do not comply to these new specifications.

No worries, if your site is found to be within the new Google mobile-friendly parameters, our analysis can still be used to improve your search engine results!

If your site does not happen to meet the mobile-friendly criteria, then you can use the comprehensive report which will itemize each element that is not within the requirements.  Additionally, we will provide recommendations on what needs to be changed.

Lastly,  we will also provide you with a free quote to either remedy the failed criteria or completely migrate your site to a mobile-friendly responsive design, if that is necessary.

If your site is larger than 10 pages, please add $8.95 for each additional page.


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